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Conrad Lau

Age: old

Conrad grew up in Texas and started fishing when he was 6 years old in Bass ponds and lakes. His first time on the Ocean was with his Grandpa in Tobago where he begged his grandpa to go fishing. His Grandpa told him if you get sick we won't be coming back until the day was over. He eagerly agreed and went deep sea fishing armed with a hand line with a drone spoon attached. He has been hooked ever since.



Andy Seeker

Age: 38

Andy began fishing in our backyard pond.


Rocky Cusack

Age: 39

Rocky coming soon..........


Rad Lau III

Age: 21

My oldest son Rad began fishing when he was 6 years of age and really loved to fish until football. Now that he is in college at FSU he has returned to fishing with me when he can

Chelsea Lau

Age: 17

Chelsea coming soon..................


Odell (Dell) Williamson

Age: 24

Dell joined the KooLau Team in 2007 on the SKA (AKA "B" Team).  He brought with him prior fishing, boating experiences and a willingness to learn and contribute to the team, he will make a fantastic impact on this years season!  We are very pleased to welcome Dell aboard!

Jessie Williamson

Age: 23

Jessie coming soon..................


Gill Strelec Jr.

Age: 41

Gill Strelec Jr. hailing in from Palm Beach Joined the team in 2008' with a 26 years of experince in South Florida fishing. He as accomplished nurmious accolades over those years with his own team including his recent 2007' SKA div 10 title, 3rd place at the 2006' FLW Kingfish Series championship in Orange Beach, Alabama , along with mutiple Kingfish , Dolphin & Wahoo wins in Florida.



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